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Welcome back mommies!

Today I decided to review the pacifiers we use for my daughter.  They are the Gerber First Essentials Pacifiers.

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A Pacifier That Calms and Doesn’t Fall Out

This product is wonderful.  it helps my daughter to relax when it feels like she has forgotten how to breathe, and let’s her calm down and relax. It helps her to stay relaxed at bedtime when she is not quite asleep, but it is time to go to bed.

She loves them, but at the same time she can still sleep without it, and does not wake up when she is done needing the comfort.  I feel that as long as I keep in mind that she cannot keep her pacifier too long and give her the chance to relax first, I do not feel like she is too addicted to it and can continue to work with her to not need it too much so she doesn’t get too attached to it to the point it would effect her teeth eventually.

Some Room To Breath

I love that it has 3 holes to help her breathe and to help prevent pacifier rash, and the nipple is the perfect size to help keep inside her mouth for comfort and self soothing until she is ready to push it out and sleep on her own.

The handle is easy for my daughter to grab and is even learning to put it in her mouth at almost 4 months old, while recommended for 0-6 months.  This product is a latex nipple so be aware of that. It also comes in pink, blue or white colored pacifiers for whichever you would prefer.

How I Rate the Gerber First Essentials Pacifier

If you believe your baby needs a pacifier and you are looking for the right one, I highly recommend this one and give it 5/5 stars.

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