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***UPDATE 11-17-17

The Velcro wore out on this within a few months, and the lamb no longer holds the pacifier. While this is still a cool sensory toy and a nice thing for baby to cuddle with, one of the main features seems flawed. I’m updating my review to a 4/5 stars.

Hey there Mommy Bears!

Today I want to review my daughter’s Cuddle Plush with Pacifier Loop Lamb from Carter’s.

Settling Grabby Hands

Lately my little girl has been starting to grab everything.  From hair to necklaces, and she started to grab onto burp cloths to cuddle with!  That is where this cuddle plush has come in handy.  It not only helps her with sensory touch, but it is so soft and perfect for her to grab onto and cuddle with pacifier nearby.

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Extra Soothing With the Pacifier

She also likes to calm down on her pacifier and we love that her “Lamby” holds it for her.  The extra rattle inside of the lambs head is a bonus and why I am sure my little girl will love it even more as she is just beginning to shake all those rattles!

This makes a great security blanket and I am glad that she is starting to enjoy it more and more, as well as learning through sensory from its softness and learning about the rattle every time she ends up grabbing the lamb’s head.  It could never replace Mom or Dad, but it is such a cute product that we enjoy having.

She has even enjoyed this as a teething blanket at times!

My Review For Cuddle Plush with Pacifier Loop Lamb

With all the extra things added to what could be a simple plush blanket, I give this more-than-adorable lamb 5/5 stars!

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