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*Update: 9-26-17

The projector came back and worked again for awhile, but for the past couple of months it completely died. We had to reset the sound on the projector to the song we wanted every time we turned it back on, and trying to turn the projector on killed the power. We have recently gotten rid of this model completely in favor of a new one, which I hope to review soon! STEER CLEAR OF THIS MUNCHKIN PROJECTOR!
New Rating: 1/5 Stars

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Strong Beginnings

A while back, my husband and I decided to get a projector to help my daughter at night to help to start getting a nighttime routine down. We found this Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System (affiliate link) and decided we would try it out.

We LOVED it. There are 3 different projector shows to watch, along with a few different lullabies, a heartbeat and white noise to put on, and did I mention there was also a nightlight? We loved that we could turn the sound activation on and if our daughter got upset from being bored rather than being hungry or having a dirty diaper, then it could entertain her back into dozing off to sleep.

The device has a noise activation feature that plays when it hears her crying, which helped a ton.  It also has a timer, so we could even tell it how long to play the show and sounds before it shut off (or to not shut off at all), and it worked for us very well.

Munchkin Baby Nighttime Projector
Munchkin Baby Nighttime Projector
Munchkin Baby Nighttime Projector
Munchkin Baby Nighttime Projector

The Failure of the Munchkin Projector

Unfortunately within just a couple of weeks it began to let us down. It would stop coming on when she would cry, and recently the projector show has not been moving without being messed with for quite a while. You have to hit the machine to get it to start spinning the projector show, and even that doesn’t keep it spinning very long.

My Review of the Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System

When it comes to this product, it is very cool and it can be so helpful when it works right, but unfortunately you cannot count on this product to work when you need it.  You either have to keep constantly messing with the product, constantly buy a new one, or give up on it.  Because this is such a good product at its best I would give this product 2.5 stars, but it just needs improvements so that it keeps working great instead of disappointing you.

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