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Are you excited to get your little cub learning?

I know that after my daughter was born we were always looking for the next thing she could dive into to learn everything she needed to give her the best start in life.

ABC Mouse offers just that, but I’m sure you know that since you are reading this article!

I’ll start by saying that yes, it is all that it is cracked up to be.

You can read my full overview of the program here.

Ready to get down to pricing? 

Here we go!

So How Much Does An ABC Mouse Subscription Really Cost?

ABC Mouse and their award-winning curriculum actually comes at a decent price point for everything that you get with it. We will discuss more about what you get with ABC Mouse below.

The website boasts a free month if you pay full price.

Full price for ABC Mouse is $9.95 per month, which would add up to  $119.40 per year after your free month ended.

They even have a special offer right on the website where you can get 49% off (just $59.95 per year).


As an affiliate I have the inside scoop to get you, my reader, a better deal.

As a mom whose daughter LOVES playing ABC Mouse every single day and has learned so much from it, I’m happy to be able to get my readers in on these special deals.

I wouldn’t recommend this product if it wasn’t life-changing in my daughters education.

Special Deals on ABC Mouse Subscriptions

If you are just getting started with ABC Mouse, you may want to dip your toes in the water with a free trial.

You can get started with a 30 day free trial by clicking the banner below.

If you want to give your kid a little more time to get into the learning path and games, you may want to opt for the 2 months for $5 deal.

Ready to go all in from the start? 


You will save the most money that way and your kids will get a lot longer to learn and enjoy the program.

The Best Deals on ABC Mouse

So what are the best deals?

Forget the website pricing above.

As I said early, you are my reader, and you get the best deals!

For your first year with ABC Mouse you can get a full subscription for just $45.

If you already know that you want the program for your child to learn and develop with for a longer term, you can get 2 years for $99.

This comes out to $49.50 per year which is more than the 1 year deal above, but at least you are locking your price in for the next 2 years for a fraction of the price more.

It doesn’t matter to me which deal you chose. I get the same commission for a trial as I do for a 2-year plan, and your child will get the same benefit as mine has. Her preschool teachers are floored by how much she knows, and the fact that she was able to get into preschool at age 3 when the 4 year olds have priority to get in speaks for itself.

She absolutely loves playing ABC Mouse while I do her hair and when I’m getting ready in the morning. Sometimes I feel bad limited screen time because she is learning so much from it!

So What Do You Get With an ABC Mouse Subscription?

If you haven’t done all your research yet and aren’t really sure what ABC Mouse is all about, don’t worry! I got you on this!

ABC Mouse is a full online curriculum for kids age 2-8.

It covers Math, Science, Reading, and Art & Colors through games, puzzles, books, songs, printables and more!

ABC Mouse Learning Videos and Activities
My little cub started out just watching the ABC videos. The helpful little videos helped her recognize letters, and even help with memory, and she would memorize the songs and sing along.

Now she’s moved on to games, puzzles, and activities.

ABC Mouse Learning at the Zoo

She loves visiting the zoo and learning about all the animals.

They even have a ticket reward system that rewards your child for completing activities. Tickets can be used to purchase pets, furniture for their game bedroom, and items for their pets.

Child's Learning Path in ABC Mouse Game
The learning path gives your child a goal as they complete activities they move along the path and get to explore new environments!
Reader Rabbit Alternative

All of this reminds me of a more modern alternative version of Reader Rabbit that they had back in my school days! I’m glad that I can help bring that fun of interactive learning to my kids as they begin their learning adventures!

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