UPDATE 3/13/2020

With Coronavirus closing down schools, ABC Mouse has become a very important resource for our young learners.

If you are a teacher for kids that are Pre-School thru 2nd Grade, I urge you to serious check this out.

As a teacher, you get ABCMouse for free, and you can create accounts for each of your students. You make the curriculum, and then they can do those activities that you assign them FOR FREE!

Keep them learning during these trying times.

*I don’t get any commissions or anything for having teachers sign up for free, but these are times we are facing where resources like this are vital!

Sign up for your FREE Teacher Account Here

Hey Mommy Bear Teachers!

Since it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, I decided to do some snooping on what ABC Mouse had to offer for teachers. The answer that I got was pretty sweet!!!


ABC Mouse’s Full Online Curriculum Is Free to Teachers!

After writing my full overview of the ABC Mouse program, I’d say that paying for a subscription is worth the price. But free sounds like an even better deal that you can’t pass up!

The curriculum is for preschool to second graders, so if you are a teacher of these grades, this solution has you covered.

The program is free to public, private, and Head Start teachers, and you have to pass a validation test in order to get 100% free access to the program. The site states that it is to be used for in-school classroom learning purposes only.

Info You Need For a Free Account

I’m a teacher for VIPKid, so I was actually able to sign up as well! Below are screen grabs of what information you will need to sign up for your free ABC Mouse teacher subscription. It is dependent on whether you teach public school, private school, or are a Head Start teacher.

Sign up for your FREE Teacher Account Here

ABC Mouse for Teachers

Form For Public School Teachers

ABC Mouse Private School Teacher

Form For Private School Teachers

ABC Mouse Head Start Teacher

Form For Head Start Teachers

How Parents Get Invited To Your Classroom

A few questions in the comments were asked about how to invite parents to be able to access ABCMouse with their children at home.
With your free teacher account you will have the ability to invite parents to create an account.

Invite Parents to ABC MOUSE
You can then print and send or email invitations to parents to make an account to join your classroom. This will give them access to an account that allows their child to access the curriculum you assign their child. It is FREE for parents to access the content with their children that you assign from your teacher account.

They will only be able to access other activities, games, and books that you haven’t assigned if they have a paid account or trial.

Invite Parents to ABC MOUSE

Home School Teachers and Parents

The free version of ABC Mouse isn’t available to home school teachers or parents. In these instances you will need to have a paid membership. Luckily, as an affiliate, I have access to give you ~60% off your subscription using my affiliate links below.

Pick the option that fits you best and get your kids started  with learning activities!

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