Hey there Mommy Bears!

I have a treat for you today! In the spirit of Christmas I did a surprise unboxing! I told my husband to get something for the blog and wrap it up, and I got to open a present on camera for the blog! It was super exciting, as new things usually are!

So what was in the box? Watch the video and find out!

Mommy Bear Reviews Surprise Unboxing Video

Read more about the product in the hidden tab below the video!

So now that you know what was in the box, check out some of my comments on this product below!

*I have hid the contents in a tab to avoid spoilers!

*SPOILER* Read More About the Surprise Product!
Read About the Toy HERE!

The Stack & Tumble Elephant From LeapFrog

I was pretty happy to see a Stack & Tumble Elephant by LeapFrog in the box. Little Cub loves elephants, and making elephant noises, and I knew she would love this toy once she got a hold of it!

The elephant is basically an improved ring stacking game where the child can put the different sized rings on the spindle, preferably in the correct order, but this toy takes ring stacking to the next level.

The idea is that the elephant is allergic to colors, numbers, and shapes, and so when you stack the rings on the elephant and push its tail, the Stack & Tumble Elephant will sneeze the rings off by tipping its head! You can push the nose and it sings a song about how the numbers, colors, and shapes give her the sniffles. It is really cute, although the song gets a little old after awhile since it is basically one song with a few words changed for 3 variations.

You can turn the volume down on the toy, which we had to when filming the above video since Little Cub was (supposed to be) sleeping at the time we were filming. So far Little Cub has loved playing with this elephant, and has even gotten the rings stacked in the correct order a couple of times!

I will do a full review of the LeapFrog Stack & Tumble Elephant in a couple of weeks, but for now I will leave the affiliate link here in case you are interested in getting it now.


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