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We all know that blogging is a good way to share your thoughts through a ‘weblog’, commonly known as ‘blog’ while earning money through content making.

Blogs will let you generate income even while you’re asleep, through ads or sponsorships from companies, especially when you can create engaging content that will generate traffic on your blog.

Plenty of moms today have started making blogs not only to earn extra cash but to share their motherhood experiences, product reviews, DIY projects, and even pieces of advice to fellow moms out there.

The industry of mommy blogs is growing each day and it’s no doubt one of the reasons why you’re here today to look for tips from my experience as a blogger.

But do you know what the key elements for a successful blog are?

Even though the main body of the blog is its content, there are also more ways to make your blog successful like doing giveaways, creating powerful headlines, or just by adding a video on your blog.

In this article, we will be talking about how videos make your blog attractive and what tool will help you create video content for your page.

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How do videos give an impact on blogs?

Videos have a huge impact on your blogs because they can attract more traffic since modern-day video marketing isn’t only about YouTube and other social media platforms.

Ever since smartphones and the internet became more accessible, online content has been a reliable source by a lot of people today because it answers most of their queries.

Through the internet, they can learn so many things like fixing their clogged toilet, get updates about the latest news, discover a new recipe, and many more just by browsing on the internet.

People usually spend more time on pages with videos than pages that don’t since videos promote audience engagement.

Having videos on your blog posts not only makes your page look informative, but it also allows you to deepen your connection with your visitors, therefore increasing the time readers spend on your blog.

What is the best video editing tool?

Finally decided to add videos on your blog?

The best video editing tool that you can use today is InVideo, an online video editing tool that is very easy to use with over thousands of pre-made templates to choose from.

It is the best video editing tool for everyone especially those who just started with video making and are planning to add videos to their blogs or websites.

Another reason why we recommend InVideo is that it easily converts articles into engaging videos through its text-to-video tool that automatically does it for you with just one click.

What is InVideo?

InVideo will help transform your content into engaging videos that you can use on any media platform.

The video editing software serves media companies, bloggers, businesses, and many more.

It is the best place for publishers and individuals to make awesome videos that will take their content to a whole new level due to their advanced editor options like overlays, animations, etc.

Plus, InVideo has tons of features that save you time scanning designs for different platforms since you can easily access templates and themes through their video editing software.

What can you create with InVideo?

The possibilities with InVideo are endless.

You can make your own:

  • Tutorial video
  • Do-it-Yourself video
  • Viral Video
  • Product Reviews
  • YouTube Videos
  • Facebook Videos
  • Instagram Posts
  • Promotional Videos
  • Movies
  • Advertisements
  • Marketing videos
  • Blog Videos; etc

When you choose InVideo, the best online editing software, you can create thousands of professional-looking videos that are guaranteed to meet your standards and attract more traffic for your blog.

Plus, InVideo also has a very responsive customer service that will answer all your queries at any time of the day in less than 5 minutes. Amazing, right?

Is InVideo an online editor?


InVideo is an online video editing tool that you can easily access through their website.

Browse over thousands of templates that you can use for your next video.

Is InVideo free?

YES; at least it starts out that way with a lot of good features.

InVideo has a free plan that will give its users free lifetime access to their platform with almost the same benefits as the paid plans.

How much does InVideo cost?

You can avail a monthly business plan for only $20 a month and an unlimited plan for $60 a month.

InVideo Pricing Monthly and Yearly

However, you can save more if you choose to pay annually for only $120 for a business plan and $360 for an unlimited plan. That’s 50% off the original price.

Availing of these plans will give you more access to the premium contents of the platform without having to worry about having watermarks on your media and getting more cloud storage.

Both the free plan and business plan can also export up to 60 videos per month, while the unlimited plan endless exports per month.

Although the subscription plans are almost the same as a free plan, rendering a video using a free plan can only give a resolution for up to 720p.

On the other hand, the premium plans can render their videos with a 1080p resolution.

InVideo also gives priority support to those who avail their plans, making it an ideal choice to have all their queries answered by real people in less than 5 minutes.

The editing platform also has custom plans for larger groups.

Click here to get started with InVideo.

What are the Pros and Cons of InVideo?


·         User-friendly interface

·         Has over 4000+ templates to choose from

·         24/7/365 customer support that answers under 5 minutes

·         Easy access to the media library

·         Has a text-to-video tool

·         Provides tutorial for beginners


Not available offline because it needs a stable internet connection

What are templates in InVideo?

InVideo has over thousands of templates with stunning visual effects along with copyright-free music that you can easily choose depending on your theme.

Their video template gallery features sample videos that creators make on their own which they share on the platform to give other users access to it.

It has all the professional touches that you need, including animations, sound effects, texts, and many more to create amazing videos.

Can I use InVideo for content and marketing?


The best part about InVideo is that you can create beautiful video content for different purposes.

Whether it may be for social media, businesses, ads, presentations, slide shows, video collages, testimonials, video greetings, etc, InVideo can cater to all your needs for video content and marketing.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is also a good idea to achieve more traffic to your blog.

It is simply the act of using videos to promote products or services while increasing engagement on your page and reaching more audiences.

Start Video Marketing and create your first video with InVideo here.

Can I make advertisements on InVideo?


InVideo also has a wide range of different templates for advertisements that you can use for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and your blog.

You can create branding templates, Bite-size ads, Long-form ads, Product Video Ads, Videos for Promos and Discounts, and many more.

Plus, you can also choose your format without mixing up the template.

And if you want to make one from scratch, you can just browse these templates and look for ideas, and create your video using a blank template for Ads.

Can I use InVideo for YouTube?


InVideo has custom templates for YouTube that you can on the editing platform.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Simply log in to InVideo
  2. Select ‘Quick Videos’ and choose ‘Video Maker for YouTube’
  3. Pick your template of choice
  4. Add your media
  5. Edit
  6. Click EXPORT and;
  7. Download your fresh YouTube video

Plus, you can create Intros for your YouTube videos with InVideo as well.

How to get rid of watermarks in InVideo?

Even though InVideo is completely free, some of its media may require payment, thus, the watermark.

You can easily get rid of the watermark when you avail one of their plans, but if you don’t want to have watermarks on your videos without paying, you can still opt for media that doesn’t have the little crown icon in it.

Click here to enjoy a watermark-free plan on InVideo (and get 25% off any plan!).

What if I cancel my InVideo plan?

You can still access InVideo using all the available tools, except that all your videos will carry a watermark whether it was created before or after downgrading. These are all applicable after the end of your billing cycle.

What other video editing software can I use?

Other than InVideo, you can also use other editing software such as Bynder, Viddyoze, Waymark, VideoPad, Animaker, Wildmoka, LumaOne, and many more.

We highly recommend giving InVideo a try, so you can experience the amazing features of the best online video editing software.

Click here to sign up for InVideo and get access to thousands of templates for FREE.

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