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Graco Lovin’ Hug Plug-In Infant Swing is no longer listed on Amazon.
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Hey there again fellow mommies!

I am back today and reviewing my daughter’s Graco Infant Swing.  It is such a cool swing and has been so useful, my daughter has loved it so far.  This Graco swing has two settings of soothing vibration to put on while my little one swings, it has different speeds, and several different lullabies that play, as well as nature calls and a timer to set the swinging on as well!!  Not to mention the fact that you can turn the music up, or down as well to the proper volume and a mute button to shut the music off.

The Swing That Adjusts To Your Baby

This swing is also conveniently adjustable! There are 3 different adjustable settings to move the swing as your little one grows.  Another great feature is that you can keep it sat up or pull an easy lever for the baby to lay back some in the swing.  It folds up to put against the wall if needed or if you ever wanted to bring it to a relative’s house and it also has a connecting tray with it as well.

The Mobile With The Most

The part my daughter loves the most, (other than the actual swinging) is the elephant mobile on it, she loves to stare at that thing, she is so amazed by it! The mobile doesn’t spin, but simply swings freely with the swing.

Graco Lovin' Hug Plug-In Infant Swing

My Review of Graco Lovin’ Hug Plug-In Infant Swing

Most of the time this swing helps to calm my daughter down and really helps that she loves it so much for when I really need to get a few things done around the house.  This is a great overall product and with the experience that we have had with this swing, I have got to give it a 5/5 star rating!

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