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If you grew up watching Disney shows as much as we did, then you’ll surely love these adorable and cuddly plushes from the official Disney store.

There’s a reason why this kids channel is everyone’s favorite.

No matter what age, Disney shows and characters have always been in our hearts.

Why not get one for your baby too as well?

So you can also give them a snuggly companion as they grow up with your favorite Disney character.

Disney Plush age 0-2

These plushes are recommended for babies ages 0-2 as they’re made with high-quality and soft materials that are completely safe for your bundle of joy.

Fluffy Minnie Mouse Baby Plush

Minnie Mouse ”My First Minnie 2021” Plush for Baby – Small

Can’t find the perfect gift for your niece?

Why not get Mickey’s leading lady, Minnie Mouse as their newest and softest companion?

This Minnie Mouse plush is great for babies aged 0-2 years, and it’s made with super soft material and pastel colors to commemorate ”My First Minnie 2021”.

Plus, it also has unique embroidered features on her feet.

Baby Friendly Plush

Winnie the Pooh Plush Milestone Blocks for Baby

Celebrate every milestone age of your little one with Winnie the Pooh Plush Milestone Blocks that are completely safe and suitable whenever you’re taking pictures.

You can use it to indicate every month, week, day, and year.

Plus, it also makes a great sleep companion since it’s a set of three soft plush blocks that features Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Roo.

Dumbo Baby Plush

Dumbo Plush – Medium – 14”

Remember the adorable elephant named Dumbo that has oversized ears and learned to fly in the circus?

You can finally have Dumbo as a gift to your precious little one that’s huggable and super soft.

This medium-sized Dumbo plush has embroidered features and the iconic oversized ploppy ears that he has.

Olaf Baby Plush

Olaf Plush – Frozen 2 – Medium – 13”

If your kids love Frozen as much as we do, they’ll definitely love this Olaf plush that gives the warmest hugs to every child.

It makes a great gift choice for babies age 0-2 years and it’s also covered in sparkle and snowflake details to showcase that winter vibe that Olaf brings.

Minnie Mouse Baby Plush

Minnie Mouse Weighted Plush – Medium 14”

This classic Minnie Mouse is an all-time fave of everyone who grew up watching Disney shows.

Introduce Mickey Mouse’s partner, Minnie to your child so they’ll grow up loving Disney characters as much as we did.

This medium-sized Minnie Mouse Weighted Plush is filled with polyester silica beads inside. Get one now and relive your childhood with this snuggly plush from Disney.

Tuk Tuk Baby Plush

Tuk Tuk Plush – Disney Raya and the Last Dragon – Medium 13”

If you love the newest Disney movie, Raya and the Last Dragon, then you’ll surely love this cuddly Tuk Tuk plush!

It’s Raya’s best companion that’s made with man-made materials and has unique embroidered features just like what Tuk Tuk has in the movie.

Plus, the saddle and bags are made of felt to make it more compatible with your Raya plush.

Raya Baby Plush

Raya Plush – Disney Raya and the Last Dragon – Medium 18”

Explore the Kingdom of Kumandra with this medium-sized Raya plush from Disney.

This soft plush comes with embroidered features and a removable cape to complete Raya’s look as the bravest Heart Warrior.

This Disney Plush is suitable for babies aged 0-2 and it makes an excellent gift for your loved ones.

Stitch Baby Plush

Stitch Plush – Lilo & Stitch – Large – 18”

Who doesn’t love this blue alien koala in Disney’s Lilo and Stitch series?

Stitch has captured the hearts of many for his cuteness and aggressive behavior in the show and it’s not yet too late to gift yourself or your baby with this Disney Plush that’s suitable for ages 0-2 years.

Mickey Mouse Baby Plush

Mickey Mouse Plush – Medium 17” – Personalized

The whole Disney franchise wouldn’t be popular for the iconic Mickey Mouse, the leader of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Get your baby this medium-sized Mickey Mouse Plush that you can personalize with their name.

Daisy Duck Baby Plush

Daisy Duck Plush – Medium 18” – Personalized

The diva of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and also Donald Duck’s partner, Daisy, will keep you smiling the entire day.

This Daisy Duck Plush can be personalized and it also has detailed plush sculpturing to make it look realistic.

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