Hi Mommy Bears,

This post is a little overdue, since Little Cub will be 1 next week, but it got me reflecting on when she first started crawling and walking.

She was around 9 months old at the time and was scooting around in a backwards crawl decent enough, but she wouldn’t really go forward.

One Friday, she just started crawling! We were so proud and amazed! But little did we know that wasn’t even the amazing part. And I kid you not when I say this, but she started crawling that Friday, and two days later on Sunday she was taking her first steps!

Now when I say first steps, my husband was in the other room practicing walking with her while I was getting ready for work, and he was yelling. At me to come see. She was taking two shaky steps before he had to catch her.

I sat down on the floor with them and we let her walk back and fourth, and she got up to 2 good steps between us.

While she was walking only a few days after she started crawling forward, I must say that she never had a love for crawling to begin with. She always tried to stand up when you help her. As many babies are, she was always pretty strong and would always spring to her feet when you tried to hold her in a sitting position. She’s always had the drive to move. So much that some of her first words were “Go, go, go!”


3 Factors for Her Early Walking

I am no child development expert, although I did study it some for my psychology degree, but these are some things that stood out to me as why she was walking so early:

  1. We never stopped her from walking. Being so young some may have the fear their kids will fall and get hurt, or want their kids to stay crawling for awhile. We’ve always embraced her want to walk.
  2. She had the will to walk. As I stated earlier, she’s never wanted to sit still. Not only did we encourage her to walk, I don’t think we could have stopped her.
  3. We didn’t force her. This is an important one. You have to read the signs of your child and let them let you know when they are ready for next steps.

Now Little Cub is 1 next week and she is a pro walker. She goes forwards, backwards, crouches and picks things up, gets up herself if she falls. She climbs and gets into everything. Sometimes it drives us a little crazy, but we love that she has a go go go attitude, and we embrace that.

Again, I am no expert, so I would love to hear about when your Little Cub started walking, how they developed, and how they are doing now! Sound off in the comments below!

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