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The post-pandemic “new normal” is bound to see more families working and learning from home, and you’re probably anticipating challenges if you’re a parent looking into this prospect. However, it doesn’t have to be all drama and mayhem working from home with kids in tow. With a few tweaks here and there, it can even be a pleasant setup.

Introduce fun in learning.

Kids often see learning as a boring and serious activity. In turn, they may be more compelled to resist it as they learn from home and sans the structure of the traditional classroom. So what’s a busy parent to do? The answer is in making learning so fun that it doesn’t feel like learning at all. 

Consider using fun games as a method for online learning. These days, there are new technologies that can be used as efficient educational tools. Virtual reality (VR) is one, especially among older kids. Even younger kids can benefit from interactive learning platforms like online code camps and the like. But for your kids to truly make the most out of these engaging platforms, it’s a good idea to have a powerful and responsive internet service in place. This way, you can bank on them having hours of uninterrupted fun—and getting cutting-edge education to boot.

Fun learning isn’t just limited to technology, too. There are a whole host of ways that your kids can get a real education without the boredom, and it’s just a matter of playing to their interests. Get some inspiration from parenting resources like Kidoinfo for more effective ways to keep your child more engaged in their studies—and, in turn, make your life a lot easier.

Set boundaries. 

One thing that can be expected when you work from home while your kids are also learning remotely is how the line between these activities is all but non-existent. We can’t stress enough the need to set boundaries—not just to keep your sanity intact, but also to ensure that you actually get things done.

Studies cited on Verywell Mind show that as many as 41 percent of remote employees consider themselves highly stressed, as opposed to only 25 percent of office workers. A huge contributor to this stress is the many distractions one encounters when working from home—not the least of which are the myriad demands of kids and family. 

Trello explains that to truly achieve work-life balance, you need strong work-life boundaries. Having a dedicated workspace is one of the best ways to do so. Setting firm work/study hours and having ground rules in place for both yourself and your family will go a long way, as well.

Maintain a routine.

One very important thing that many successful remote workers swear by is the need for routine when working from home. This is equally as important for kids who are distant learning. This is because a good at-home routine will provide the much-needed structure and boundaries for both parents and children to thrive in the new normal, and maybe even provide a sense of comfort.

There’s nothing like a good morning routine to set the pace throughout the day, so wake up early, have breakfast, shower, and maybe even dress up for school or work. And as the day progresses, it can also be a good idea for everyone to take breaks at the same time, make time for healthy movement, and spend time outdoors. 

Ultimately, the new normal offers the opportunity to spend more time with family, albeit unconventionally, and it will be a real shame if you spend this time stressed out. Thankfully, with boundaries and a good routine, as well as better ways to be productive, your family’s new normal could be one for keeps.

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