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Being a mom hasn’t been easy. You always need to make sure everyone under your roof is getting their needs filled all the time, and sometimes you don’t even get to have some time for yourself.

To be a mom is a fulfilling experience because you get to experience your child’s first words to watching them finish school, but sometimes it’s not about those happy moments.

Sometimes you may get so stressed that even your body tells you how unhealthy your lifestyle has become due to those annoying stress hormones, and it can be very frustrating, especially if you sometimes don’t handle everything well.

Although there are so many things that can help us moms cope with stress such as watching our favorite shows, learning a new recipe, eating desserts, or just simply taking a very relaxing bath, activities like these are guaranteed to help us freshen up a bit and let us take a quick break from reality.

If you’re looking for something new and you’re also a sweet tooth like myself, then it’s about time you indulge yourself into Nectar Bath Treats.

What is Nectar Bath Treats?

Nectar Bath Treats is simply the sweetest bath company that you’ll want to have on your bathroom shelves starting today.

The company’s primary goal is to make everyone happy with their amazing products that are dedicated to make self-care a lifestyle, most especially for hardworking moms.


The company produces a wide range of products that are delicious for the eyes and healthy for our skin because their products are plant-based and guaranteed cruelty-free.

cruelty free bath products

Plus, their products don’t contain parabens or sulfates, so you don’t have to worry about these harmful chemicals touching your skin.

It’s impossible to resist Nectar Bath Treats and their products because, c’mon, who doesn’t wanna relax with their delicious-looking products, right?

Bath Treats 


Bath Bombs 

bath bomb

These sweet-looking bath bombs are a must-have for all those bath lovers out there.

The way they fizz when dropped in a bathtub is so mesmerizing to watch and at the same time very hydrating for the skin.

Who knew soaking in the bathtub with a simple green bath bomb can give our skin so many benefits, right?

Nectar Bath Treats has so many different bath bomb shapes that you can choose from, and since Mother’s day is just around the corner, they have heart-shaped ones called Sugar Crush Mother’s Day Bath Bomb, that you can give to your wife, mom, or even just for yourself.

They also have waffle-shaped bath bombs, sunflower bath bombs, donut bath bombs, plain heart-shaped bath bombs, and many more.

Bubble Scoops 

bubble scoop soap

Ice cream-shaped bubble bath scoops have so many benefits, not only for the skin, but also for the mind, body, and soul.

These bubble scoops aren’t just like the ordinary ice cream that you can get from your favorite ice cream shop, because they are out of this world. 

Level up your bubble bath with these amazing bubble scoops that can instantly help you de-stress because not only do they get you clean but they also make you feel relaxed, improve your mental clarity, helps your muscles relax, and decongest your clogged nose as well.

With a wide variety of ‘flavors’ to choose from, you’ll want to have all their bubble bath scoops after your first try.

Also, don’t forget to keep your bubble scoops in a place that your kids can’t reach because these ice cream-shaped bubble bath scoops might be mistaken for real ice cream. 

Milkshake Bath Soaks

Milkshake Bath Soak

The delicious milkshake bath soaks are made with coconut milk and mineral-rich Sonoma Pacific sea salt.

In case you didn’t know, coconut milk is one of nature’s greatest gifts since it is very healthy for all skin types and it also makes our hair healthier due to its nourishing properties.

Each bath soak also comes with a lovely loofah that you can instantly use with their milkshake bath soaks.

However, if you’re new to these milkshake bath soaks, you can try their Mix & Match Milkshake Bath Soak 3-Pack which is a 3-piece bath soak that you can choose from five options which are; Unicorn Dream, Orange Dreamsicle, Strawberry Daiquiri, Mermaid Lagoon, and Lavender Blossom.

Don’t worry because each product can last until 3-4 uses so it’s still considered a good choice since you can save $35 on the bundle. That’s like getting one Milkshake Bath Soak for free!

Herbal Bath Teas

Nectar Bath Tea

Who says herbal teas are only made for drinking?

Nectar Bath Treats’ Herbal Bath Teas might just be your new favorite once you give these relaxing bath teas a try.

You can choose between Lavender Oatmeal Bath Tea and Green Tea Extract & Chamomile Bath Tea, which will surely give you the most relaxing and calming bath experience.

These bath teas are just like our ordinary teas since they are enclosed in tea bags that you will place in your bathtub.

Additionally, these herbal bath teas don’t leave a residue on your bathtub which makes it a good option if you only have a few minutes to relax especially during your kids’ afternoon naptime.

Body Treats 

Body Treats

Nectar Bath Treats’ Body Treats & Skin Care category will surely give your skin the nutrition it deserves because you get to choose from their bath Accessories, Body Butters, Body Scrubs, Mix-in Masks, Scrub and Butter Duos, Lip Butters, Lip Scrubs, and Hand Sanitizers.

All of which are guaranteed to make your skin look and feel healthier, and you can also customize your own product that is uniquely handmade for you. 

You can make your body butter, bath oil, shower gel, and even face masks using your ingredients of choice.


Accessories For Bath

Nectar Bath Treats’ accessories are must-have bath essentials to all those hardworking mommies out there because these are guaranteed to give your bathroom a whole new look while serving its purpose.

You can choose from large colorful ice cream sponges, rainbow loofah sponge, Popsicle sponge, facial sponge, bathtubs, ceramic air freshener, and even hair ties that are way better than those boring old traditional hair ties.

Plus, Nectar Bath Treats also has a cute donut luggage tag that you can use for your luggage.

Body Butters

body butter

These moisturizing whipped Shea body butter will surely transform your rough skin and give it all the nourishment it needs.

Achieve skin smoother than a baby’s skin with Nectar Bath Treats’ body butters and experience the amazing power of Shea butter as it does its magic.

Body Scrubs

body scrub

Don’t forget to add body scrubs to your bath routine because Nectar Bath Treats’ body scrub collection is here to give you deliciously soft and kissable skin.

Not only will these babies exfoliate your skin but they will also give you a very relaxing vibe that will make you forget you’re just taking a bath.

Custom Treats

Nectar Custom Treats

Everyone knows their skin better than anyone else that’s why Nectar Bath Treats is here to give us beauty treats that are specially made for us.

Choose from shower gels, body lotions, body butters, masks, and many more on their website and give your skin the nourishment it deserves.

Mix-in Mask

mix in mask

Nectar Bath Treats’ Mix-in Mask is perfect to cater your skincare needs by creating your very own personalized face mask.

On their website, you can choose your face mask base and six ingredients to make your customized face mask.

The kit includes a versatile brush that you can use so you can instantly apply it to your skin.

Create your custom mix-in mask now here!  

Scrub & Butter Duos

Scrub and Butter Duo

The popular duo has magical powers to make your skin look and feel smoother just after your first application.

Shop Nectar Bath Treats’ Scrub and Butter Duos now and achieve healthy-looking skin!

Lip Butter

Lip Butter

Nectar Bath Treats’ Lip Butters are here to give those chapped lips of yours the nourishment it deserves.

Each lip butter is formulated with cocoa butter and jojoba oil that will make your lips smoother and kissable in just one application.

Simply apply this delicious lip butter on your lips and say goodbye to those traditional lip balms because these will surely be your new favorite moisturizer.

Lip Scrubs

Lip Scrub

Of course, lip scrubs are as important as lip butters because when these two are used together, you’ll surely forget about dry lips.

Use lip scrubs before applying lip butters to exfoliate your lips and achieve soft lips instantly.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizer

Nectar Bath Treats’ Hand Sanitizers will keep your hands squeaky clean throughout the day.

These are a must-have because it is made with 70% alcohol to help you stay safe every day during this pandemic.

Soap Treats

Soap Treats

If you’re that type of mom who loves soap products that look and smell delicious, Nectar Bath Treats’ bakery-inspired soap products might just be perfect for you.

You can cleanse and moisturize your beautiful hands with their soap products that look like our favorite snacks and desserts.

Choose from their cupcake soaps, donut soaps, ice cream bar soaps, macaron soaps, pie slice soaps, and if you’re looking for smaller ones that your kids will surely love, Nectar Bath Treats also have soap minis that will make handwashing easier and fun.

But wait, there’s more! Nectar Bath Treats also has Whipped Soap that is made using sweet almond oil and natural ingredients.

Whipped Soap can also be used for shaving unwanted body hair off. 

Cupcake Soap

Cupcake Soap

Who would’ve thought soap can be as good-looking as cupcakes right?

Nectar Bath Treats’ Cupcake Soap collection is here to make your hands clean while leaving a very delicious smell after.

Grab yours now!

Donut Soap

Donut Soap

If you love donuts as much as I do, then Nectar Bath Treats’ Donut Soap is perfect for you!

This special handmade soap might just be your next gift to your loved ones soon.

Grab a delicious donut soap here.

Ice Cream Soap

Ice cream Soap

Wow your kids with Nectar Bath Treats’ Ice Cream Soap to encourage them to wash their hands more.

Also, don’t forget to tell remind it’s only made for washing hands just to make sure because these sure look and smell as delicious as real ice cream.

Macaron Soap

Macaron Soap

An all-time favorite cookie that originated from Europe is finally turned into a tasty-looking soap that is specially handmade with love by Nectar Bath Treats.

Get your first Macaron Soap here!

Pie Slice Soap

Pie Soap

Pie? Who doesn’t love pie especially on Thanksgiving Day, right?

Gift your loved ones a Pie Slice Soap from Nectar Bath Treats even if there’s no holiday just to remind them that you love them as much as you love eating pies.

Shea Bar Soap

shea butter soap

A mixture of color, aroma, and shea butter in one soap!

Shea butter is very well-known for its moisturizing properties that’s why Nectar Bath Treats added this special ingredient to keep our skin healthy and moisturized.

Soap Minis

Nectar Bath Treats Soap Minis

Make hand-washing extra fun with Nectar Bath Treats’ Soap Minis that your kids will love.

These adorable soap minis are a must-have for all those moms out there because your kids will surely enjoy washing their hands with this.

Get soap minis for your kids here.

Whipped Soap

My Guy Whipped Soap

These aren’t just any ordinary soap.

Nectar Bath Treats’ whipped soap is made with almond oil and natural ingredients that will gently moisturize your skin.

It is also great for shaving so it’s like a 2-in-one formula.

Nectar Bath Treats’ Best Sellers

Nectar Bath Treat Candles

The company’s best-sellers are none other than Nectar Bath Treats’ Bath Bombs, Body Butters, Body Scrubs, Milkshake Bath Soaks, and their newly formulated Coconut Wax Candles that look like desserts in a jar.

These Coconut Wax Candles can also be used in any part of your house in case you want to feel relaxed without having to take a bath.

Nectar Bath Treats currently has six new Coconut Wax Candles that you can choose from.


mothers day bath gifts

Nectar Bath Treats also has a wide range of collections that you can have in your bathroom.

You can choose from their Mother’s Day Collection, Mermaid Lagoon Collection, Periwinkle Dream Collection, Sunflower Sunshine Collection, Watermelon Splash Collection, and many more!

Depending on your mood, these amazing line of bath treats from their amazing collections will surely make you feel relaxed and give you a quick escape from reality.

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift Bath

Mother’s day is just around the corner, so why don’t you get yourself or your mom, wife, or anyone the best gift ever?

Choose from Mother’s Day-themed bath bombs, bubble bath scoops, or the special Mother’s Day gift set, and give your mom something that she can use to relax after a very stressful day.

Shop Nectar Bath Treats’ Mother’s Day collection here.


Candle Sitting Over Bathtub

Fill your homes with Nectar Bath Treats’ Candle Collection that will give your house a scent that will take you on a trip to the spa.

Each candle is made with the most eco-friendly candle wax made up of coconut that burns for almost 50 hours.

They currently have six candles which are;

  • Fruit Smoothie Coconut Wax Candle
  • Periwinkle Dream Candle
  • Pinkberry Marmalade Coconut Wax Candle
  • Maple Sugar Coconut Wax Candle
  • Blush Crush Coconut Wax Candle; and
  • Cotton Candy Coconut Wax Candle

Shop their delicious coconut wax candles here.

Mermaid Lagoon

Donut Soap

The Mermaid Lagoon Collection will give you ocean vibes from home that will bring out the inner mermaid in you.

You can choose from;

  • Mermaid Donut Soap
  • Mermaid Lagoon Milkshake Bath Soak
  • Mermaid Lagoon Cupcake Soap
  • Ocean Breeze Foaming Bath Bomb
  • Ocean Breeze Shea Bar Soap
  • Scrub & Butter Duo – Ocean Breeze
  • Ocean Breeze Sugar Body Scrub
  • Ocean Breeze Shea Body Butter
  • Pure Bliss Gift Set – Ocean Breeze

Shop the Mermaid collection here.

Periwinkle Dream

Body Scrub Periwinkle

Nectar Bath Treats’ Periwinkle Dream collection will take you to the clouds with their delicious Periwinkle Dream Sugar Scrub, Periwinkle Dream Milkshake Bath Soak, Periwinkle Dream Bubble Bath Scoop Sundae, Periwinkle Dream Candle, and Periwinkle Shea Bar Soap.

Shop the Periwinkle Dream collection here.

Sunflower Sunshine

Sunflower Sunshine Collection

Can’t wait for summer?

This Sunflower Sunshine collection from Nectar Bath Treats will give you major spring vibes with their Sunflower Sunshine Bath Bomb, Sunflower Sunshine Bubble Bath Scoop Sundae, Sunflower Sunshine Sugar Body Scrub, Sunflower Sunshine Whipped Soap, Sunflower Sunshine Milkshake Bath Soak, and Sunflower Sunshine Cupcake Soap.

Shop the Sunflower Sunshine collection here.

With Love

With Love Bath Collection

This limited-edition collection is here to make you fall in love all over again.

Specially handmade with love by their soap magicians, you can easily choose from lip treats, bath bombs, body scrubs, bubble scoop sundaes, and many more on this amazing collection.

Shop this love-themed collection here.

Watermelon Splash

Donut Soap

Give yourself a relaxing spa day at home with Nectar Bath Treats’ Watermelon Splash collection.

This amazing collection looks and smells like the juicy watermelon itself, and you can choose from Watermelon Splash Bath Bomb, Watermelon Splash Sugar Scrub, Watermelon Splash Milkshake Bath Soak, Watermelon Splash Bar Soap, and Watermelon Splash Donut Soap.

Gift Sets

bath and body gift sets

If you don’t know which Nectar Bath Treats product to choose as a gift, they also have self-care gift sets that you can give to your loved ones.

Their gift sets are carefully packed with love that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your receiver’s face.

Nectar Bath Treats currently has an ongoing sale on their gift sets, so you should head to their website now and check their amazing products. 

Gift Boxes

Bath Gift Sets

Planning to give your special someone a special gift?

Nectar Bath Treats’ gift boxes might just be the perfect gift for your loved ones!

These beautifully handcrafted soap, body, and bath treats will surely help them relax while achieving silky-smooth skin.

They have so many gift boxes to choose from and each comes with Nectar Bath Treats’ very own packaging so you wouldn’t have to worry about gift wrapping anymore.

Greeting Cards

Greeting Card

You can also add a pop-up greeting card to your gift boxes to give it a little extra pop!

Gifts for Kids

Kids Bath GIfts

Of course, kids deserve gifts as much as we adults do.

You can choose from different bath bombs, cupcake soaps, soap minis, bubble bath scoops, and many more when you go to their official website.

Gifts Under $30

Bath Gifts Under $30

If you’re a little tight on budget, Nectar Bath Treats also has gifts under $30 so you don’t have to spend that much when buying a gift.

Click here to buy gifts under $30

Nectar Rewards

Nectar Bath Treat Rewards Program

Nectar Bath Treats also has a rewards program that gives its members a chance to earn points and turn those amazing points into amazing rewards that they can redeem.

New members who sign up for Nectar Rewards will get $10 that they can use on their next purchase, and if they refer the rewards program to their friends, they’ll get a $10 discount on their website while their friends will receive a 15% discount on their first purchase.


If you shop on their website, they currently offer free shipping for orders above $75 using a code that you can find on their website.

Plus, some of their products are currently on sale too!

Don’t forget to tell your friends about Nectar Bath Treats as well, so they won’t miss out on these amazing deals.


Nectar Bath Treats store locations

The best part is that their Nectar Bath Treats SHOPS are conveniently located at the following locations;

  • The Venetian Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas)
  • Caesars Place (Las Vegas)
  • South Coast Plaza (California)
  • Universal CityWalk (California)
  • Mirage Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas)
  • The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas)
  • The Linq Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas), and lastly;
  • Ontario Mills Mall (California)

Get Your Delicious Soak on Now

Excited to de-stress?

Check out Nectar Bath Treats Now on their official website.

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