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Welcome back to my Mommy Bear Blog.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday weekend, and a great kickoff to the holiday season.  Now today my blog is not a review, but more just a few thoughts to share as we end this beautiful weekend.

As sad as it is when the weekend of Thanksgiving is over and we all have to get back into normal routines, keep in mind the feelings that you have gotten to enjoy throughout this past weekend as you got a little more family time than you normally have time for.

Spending this weekend with family every year is always such a wonderful occasion.  As we enter the holiday season, think about those times where we have gotten with our family, and the appreciation you have for them.  Because the holidays can be stressful, as well as everyday life as we all will be getting back to tomorrow,  take time throughout this holiday season to remember the appreciation of loved ones and why we go through the stress of everyday life.

This weekend and the memories we have gained remind us why we do what we do, because we love our families.  As we enter back into the work week, make sure to take the time to love, be less stressed, and enjoy each other more. Even though we know times will get rough, times like this weekend are even more beautiful and special because of the rough times to compare them to.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend like I did, especially as it’s my baby girl’s 1st holiday season!! 🙂

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