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It can be hard to find any “me” time when you are a stay at home mom, let alone even begin to think about launching that business idea that has been eating away at the back of your mind.

Between breakfast, nap times, school, potty breaks, yelling, shouting, and cuddle time, there doesn’t ever seem to be enough time to grab a pen and paper and get your business ideas down.

It may even be hard for you to imagine where you should even begin.

Product idea? Getting funding? Networking? Product development?

These are all the WRONG places to start, and I’m here to tell you that the 1 key for your success in business is simple.

You need to start a blog.

But, I Thought Blogging Was Dead?

My husband says he hears this all the time at work, but we know better.

Now, when people think of a blog in the traditional sense, that type of blogging may be dead.

People don’t really care about what you had for dinner (unless you are a food blogger and you show them how they can make the same great meal).

Blogging is now all about helping other people, and as a stay at home mom, you’ve already got helping other people down to an art!

It’s all about your readers and how you can help make their lives better.

And it’s not just about writing about what you want anymore.

Blogging takes hard work and research to work correctly for your business, but if done right, it can be very rewarding.

The Advantages to Starting Your Mom Business With A Blog

Now that we know that good business blogging is geared towards the reader, we can take a look at how starting a blog can be the best first step to get your stay at home mom business up and running.

Be The Expert

Good business blogging is all about answering questions that people are seeking answers to.

Looking up how to start a business as a stay at home mom? That’s likely how you landed here on this article! You asked Google or Pinterest a question, and it landed you on this article to help answer your question.

You can do the same no matter what your field of business will be.

Do you research, find out what your target market is looking to have answered, and then simply answer the question in a blog post!

In doing so you will become the expert to that reader. 

By helping them in a thorough and complete way, giving them free value where you can, and ultimately helping better their life, you are becoming the expert that they will likely go to when they need a product or service like the one you are selling.

You are building that trust.

Building that relationship.

Becoming the expert that people look to when they have questions.

That is a powerful position to be in and will help to position your business at the front of the pack!

Grow Your Audience

When you are launching a new product or service, you can have the best idea, sketches, mockups and prototypes in the world. You can have the best online class setup in your field of business that blows all other classes out of the water.

The problem is, if you don’t have an audience, you have nothing.

A blog will help to grow your audience and your stay at home mom business.

A blog will help you give away your knowledge and advice to your readers.

For Free.

Yes, for free.

Give away as much for free as you possibly can without selling the farm. You still have to keep the really good stuff for later down the way, but by giving away a ton of value up front on your blog through articles, worksheets, printables, ebooks, and more, you are not only becoming the expert and strengthening that bond, but you are capturing emails and building an audience that you can later sell your product or service too via email sequences.

Blogs are a powerful way to build your email list by giving away this value in free downloads in exchange for an email address.

Use this to your advantage when first getting started in your business.

Learn About Your Audience

As you begin to grow your email list and audience through your blog posts and giveaways, you begin to learn about your target audience.

You learn what your audience likes and dislikes based on which articles you write that are the most popular.

You can send polls to your email list, asking them what they like or dislike about certain topics related to your business.

You can also straight up email each person individually and start real conversations with them.

Blogging is all about building relationships, and if the expert that answered your initial questions and that you voluntarily gave your email to and follow to soak up more advice reaches out to your on a personal level and starts asking you questions about you, you are fairly likely to answer them.

Market research is key to a successful product launch. 

Utilize your email list and your relationships with these people to get ideas and to see if you are heading in the right direction.

Get Feedback

As valuable as initial research is that fact that a blog can also get you quick and amazing feedback.

When you get to the point of launching your product, if you have generated an email list from a blog and you have relationships with these people, you can ask for honest feedback about what’s working, what’s not working, and what people would like to see in the next iteration of your project.

You can then use this feedback to quickly make changes that your market will like, and get your product back out there new and improved.

Make Money

Not only can you get advice and feedback from your readers, you can make money with just the blog itself.

Want to be an expert mom blogger?

Pick a niche and start writing!

You can monetize your blog with ads and affiliate links, paid course and ebooks and more.

It’s amazing that a blog can do so many things for you, and the fact that it can also generate money itself is just icing on the cake.

We will talk more about a free course you can take to get your blog started in a moment.

First I wanted to touch on my last benefit of having a blog that may be the most important point for stay at home moms.

Connect With Other Adults

Yes, ohh my gosh!

Being able to connect with other actual real world adults!

We know we love our kids, but after day after day of being in the house with them, you are sure to be dying for some adult conversation and interactions.

Running a blog gives you access to a world outside your house that makes nap time mom’s time to connect.

This makes your relationship with your readers that much more important. 

Being able to network and speak grown up to grown up on a daily basis will change your world!

Get Started With A FREE Blogging Course!

All of these benefits sound great for getting your business up and off the ground?

I am an affiliate for Start A Mom Blog, and Suzi is the best in the biz when it comes to teaching moms how to get their blogs up and running!

She has a good number of paid courses that are gold, but what I have for you today is free!

She has put together this quick course to give you the rundown on how to start your own stay at home mom blog and get your business rolling.

All you have to do is click the link below and sign up for her Teachable Course of how to, click-by-click, bring your blog to life, complete with a full 12 month plan that she used to get from $0 to over $9,000 a month.

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Blog Plan Free Course
Blog Plan Free Course

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