You may be wondering if VIPKID is a viable job to make a living.

Sure they are boasting about a great $22 per hour pay rate, but can you get enough hours to make it work?

In this article I’ll discuss the VIPKID monthly salary range, and ways that you can improve your income through the program. 

The VIPKID Monthly Salary Range

VIPKID Monthly Salary

So what type of salary range can you expect from being a VIPKID teacher?

On the low end, $0.

Since there are no minimum hours that you have to work to stay with the program, you don’t have to make any money on a given month.

There are really only 8 viable slots during the peak class times during Monday through Thursday. 18 teaching slots on Friday.

All day Saturday is available. Also most of Sunday.

This gives you 92 slots during any given week that are labeled the “hot” times, or most likely to be booked.

This means 46 highly workable hours during the week.

If you get hired at the lowest rate ($7/class) and get both of your available payment incentives per class, this gives you $828 per week, or roughly $3,312 per month.

If you get hired at the highest rate ($9/class) and get your incentives, you are looking at $1,012 per week or roughly $4,048 per month. 

The Truth About These Salary Numbers

The truth is, you are probably not going to be able to work a 12 hour Saturday shift starting at around midnight.

The other truth is, even if you do open every available “hot” slot, you probably won’t be getting booked for every single slot there is.

The last truth is, you may not want to. 

If you are booking constant back-to-back classes, your teaching quality will suffer. 

You may run over on some classes, losing your “on-time” incentive. You also won’t have much time to prep for upcoming classes.

Start out slow until you find your groove, and then pick up more classes as you go along.

At least by reading this article, you know the maximum potential you could possibly make as a monthly salary being a VIPKID Teacher.


If you’d like to give VIPKID ESL teaching a try, I’d love to have you join me!

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Join Callie on 

Earn up to $22/hr. teaching English to students in China

Join Callie on 

Earn up to $22/hr. teaching English to students in China

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