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Mommy Bear Reviews has been working with branded content and promoting the brands we love since 2016.

We’re ready to roll out the VIP carpet to help you extend the reach of your brand to our audience to help you reach the moms who read our content.

We have some amazing options below, depending on your budget.

Sponsored Pricing and Packages

Mommy Bear is looking to work with amazing brands, with amazing products.

With an SEO Specialist on staff, we will be able to create content that is search engine optimized for the best ranking potential, and to check and make sure your submitted content has the same potential. This means that you have content from a trusted 3rd party that reads well for your end-user, and get more eyes on your content.

As such, we’ve put together some very attractive pricing to help get you started.

Why Choose GOLD?

Gold is our premium, VIP package.

If you have the marketing dollars to spend right now, GOLD is the absolute best value for your money.

With GOLD you get to produce an article per week for our blog, familiarizing our audience with your name, insights, and product.

We also throw our SEO skills in to the ring and create 2 articles for you that are created to answer questions for your target audience, and also created to rank.

We take GOLD a step further by providing traffic reports and ranking insights, an extra amount of Pinterest Pins to try and spread the word to moms on one of the most popular traffic platforms out there, and we even create banners (or use your own) to place throughout our website so you not only show up on your sponsored content, but within other popular articles on Mommy Bear as well.

We would love to try out the product or service you offer in order to get the best insights, and really go deep on the content to pull in the right audience for you.

GOLD is cheaper than SILVER (weird, right?), but that’s because we are asking for the fee for the entire year upfront to lock in our partnership and to know you are serious about investing in quality content and promotion for your brand.

Why Choose SILVER?

SILVER is pretty close to GOLD.

We are inviting you to participate as a trusted author on Mommy Bear. That means you can submit 1 article per week to the site and start to gain recognition as a trusted source by our readers.

We will also use our special SEO magic to create a high-potential-to-rank article surrounding topics related to your product. These will help provide extra links and recommendations for your product.

But what’s a guest posting and SEO strategy without ongoing optimizations? 

We will analyze the data for articles you submit and articles we write for your brand, and see where we can improve content to help push it up in the rankings. 

To help further drive traffic we will also be providing a Pinterest Pin to schedule out on our boards for every article you or we create for your brand.

SILVER is more than GOLD (again, still weird), but we want to be able to allow you to test the waters in working with us before fully diving into a full year sponsorship of the site.

With SILVER you can try our services out, see if you like it (pretty sure you will), and then book a GOLD package later (if available).

Why Choose BRONZE?

If you don’t have a large budget to work with, we still want to be here to support you!

Sponsored posts on our site go for $200, so being able to get a sponsored post, provide 2 guest posts as a featured partner, and get our expert SEO optimization for 1 article per month is a steal.

It is our goal to help you grow your brand, and we would hope to see you move from BRONZE all the way through SILVER, and eventually book a GOLD package with us. 

BRONZE is perfect for the smaller business just starting out. You can provide amazing content to our site to help get some links going for your product, and get exposure to our audience. 

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Why Write Your Own Articles for Mommy Bear?

You may be wondering why you would pay to write content for someone else’s website?

This is known as guest posting, and it can have a lot of amazing effects on your business.

To start, you get a regular place to publish off of your own website, that can link back to your own content or sales pages on your site. This is great for SEO.

Next, you get to be seen as an expert within the Mommy Bear community by frequently putting your name to helpful content for our audience. By getting to know you, our readers are more likely to trust you, your advice, and your product or service.

Lastly, it builds a great partnership with us here at Mommy Bear. Once we have vetted you and your content, you can start building your portfolio of content with us, that we will continue to optimize and grow traffic to on our site.

By utilizing the authority of our site you can drive more traffic, build authority, and strengthen your own site in the process.

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