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Got A Product That Targets Moms?

Then I’d LOVE to hear from you!

You’ve worked hard on your product and now it is time to get that product in front of the right audience. While traditional marketing still works (TV ads, radio ads, newspaper ads), influencer marketing can truly help you reach your target market through word-of-mouth by my readers.

Social proof carries a lot of weight. How many products have you bought lately without hearing or reading a review first?

How does it work?

Pick a package that will benefit your product below, and then contact me, and I will be happy to discuss what I can do for you!

After we have discussed whether or not my skills are a good fit to market your product, we can sign a contract and I will get to work on creating the content.

Content is always optimized to best SEO practices to increase chances of being found on Google.

My specialty is being found on Google because having pages that rank have a better longevity than making a social media post. While I cannot guarantee ranking placement, I can create content that is more likely to rank for your targeted keywords and help spread the word about your product.

I will send a proof of the article or other content to you for final approval to go live on the site.



My Honesty Policy

All reviews and overviews will be honest. I owe my readers an honest review, or I will lose them and that won’t do any good for you or for me. That being said, I always go into a review with a positive attitude and can find good attributes of most any product.

I have also helped brands spot flaws in their product from a consumers standpoint, and the feedback was then implemented in future products they created.

There are always unforeseen benefits in working with influencers, and my brand is no exception!

Mommy Bear Website Stats

If you are curious what kind of audience my site reaches, check out some of these stats from March 1st to May 1st, 2018…

Mom Blogger Audience

In this time frame my blog has had 4,636 users visit my site with 6,954 page views. Of those, 11% were returning users who had visited the site before.

Influence by City

This map shows where viewers of my blog from the past 2 months are located. The larger dark blue circles show higher areas of traffic.

I don’t focus on content that is location-specific, but it is still good to know where your traffic is coming from.


As stated above, my main audience is women ages 25-34. If you are looking to target this market, my blog is the place to find them!

This could be products for moms specifically, or products that moms may buy for their children.

Pinterest Reach Mom Blog Influencer

Pinterest is becoming a large source of traffic for my site. I was originally giving it little thought, and then realized it was my 3rd largest traffic source without even trying. It will surpass Facebook and become my second biggest traffic source within the next few months.

This is where my social media following currently stands. While I do not have a lot of followers on Pinterest, that is not what Pinterest is about. It is a search engine for people to find your content.

It is also worth noting some of the other stats listed on this page. My largest traffic source is Google by far, so while I will create graphics and make social shares of the content I create for your as an influencer, my primary objective is to rank in Google and be found on Pinterest.

Social Traffic

This chart shows how many people visited my site from the following social media platforms. Pinterest will soon surpass Facebook easily.

Traffic Sources

As this pie chart shows, Organic Search is my best source of traffic because I work hard to get my content to rank on Google. Making sure SEO is good on a piece of content gives it a better chance of ranking, and ranking has a better longevity to be seen by your target audience than a social media post does.

Brands I’ve Worked With

Cossac Planner

Ancord Works

Prospr Planner

ABC Mouse

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