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Little Journey Aldi Brand Diapers


Cheap in cost and have an awesome wetness strip, but be careful of overfull diapers and sensitive skin.

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Hey mommies!


Today I am going to tell you about the Aldi brand, Little Journey diapers.  We decided to use them as a cheaper alternative, and maybe we just got lucky, but they work pretty well with our baby.

Even though they are off brand, they can take a decent amount of wetness without leaking and even has the yellow indicator strip that turns blue when wet as much of the name brand diapers do, and they do not affect my daughter’s skin at all.  These diapers do run just a little big, and I do not see them to be quite as well as name brand diapers, however these are a great and cheap alternative as the name brands can be so expensive.

These diapers do come in less, and less quantity for the same price as the sizes get bigger which kind of stinks, although babies do need less and less as time goes on.

As long as your baby does not have too sensitive of skin, even though these aren’t quite as good as name brand and nighttime protection diapers, these are a good buy as a cheap, generic brand alternative for your baby. This is why I would give them 3.5/5 stars.

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