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Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker


This baby walker is versatile and worthwhile. From crawling baby to walking like a pro, this Fisher Price walker is the way to go!

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Hey there Mommas!

The last several months have been crazy, and sadly I have been ignoring my site a little too much! However, I am ready to get back at it, and since it has been so long I have a lot to share!

The Multi-Purpose Baby Walker

For now I would like to start off continuing my reviews by talking about this amazing Fisher Price Activity Walker that my daughter has really taken to lately!  While she just got to her crawling milestone yesterday, (she is about 8 and a half months old) she has also been loving to learn to walk, and has practiced a lot lately with this walker.

This Fisher-Price Walker is the perfect height for those little beginners as they try to start fisher-price baby walker reviewusing their feet!  On the front of the walker there are lots of cool little trinkets to keep her busy, and when she is ready to pull herself up, it is all set for her to go!  For now she definitely still needs a spotter as she definitely still could use some more hours of practice but I can only see her getting better and better inbaby walker reviews the next month or 2 and using this for a while! I believe it is definitely helping her get on the right track toward when she takes those first steps on her own, and before I know it she will be off!


How I Rate the Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

I recommend this, and rate it 5/5. Only thing to be careful is to make sure that it is fully in one position so it does not pinch your little babe’s fingers! This is because there is also a position for it to be laying down to just play with the trinkets before your little babe is ready to start really moving.Have you had experience with this baby walker? Is there a different walker that you found that is just as fantastic as this? Sound off in the comments below and let’s have a discussion!

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