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In a world where it is hard to come by honest information about baby products and services, my mission is to provide my honest opinion as a Mommy Bear to help you make a more informed decision on your purchases!

Save Money With Honey – Automatic Coupon & Deal Checker

Hey Mommy Bears, As a Mommy Bear, I sure do love Honey! No, not the food, although that is very delicious. I am talking about my Chrome Extension, Honey! Want to learn how Honey can be an easy way to save money while shopping on the internet? Keep reading!...

LeapFrog Chat and Count Cell Phone Review

Hey there again Mommy Bears! It's been a few weeks since I did my LeapFrog Chat and Count Cell Phone Unboxing Video and I know that I have been promising you a review, so here it is! Little Cub has had a chance to play around...

Baby Flashcards To Start Learning Words? Sign Me Up!

Hello again Mommy Bears! Little Cub is starting to grow her vocabulary fast, and so awhile back I found myself wishing that I had some flashcards for toddlers that would help her along the way with learning. While I know I don't need...

Surprise Unboxing! Even I Don’t Know What It Is!

Hey there Mommy Bears! I have a treat for you today! In the spirit of Christmas I did a surprise unboxing! I told my husband to get something for the blog and wrap it up, and I got to open a present on camera for the blog! It was super exciting, as new things usually...

I Show You How To Sign Up For Qeepsake

Hey Mommy Bears! Believe it or not, I am not even getting paid 1 cent to write all this content about Qeepsake. I just think that it is an interesting concept to have an online baby book, and that other mommies out there can benefit from the easiness of texting to...

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